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We all have days where we are seemingly too tired to do anything. These days may be in your control, such as when you stayed up far too late watching Squid Game, or maybe you drank a bit too much at the bar.

Maybe you struggle with your mental health…

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You’ll often see established writers arguing for paying writers what they’re worth. It’s true, writing as a profession is undervalued.

When people are accustomed to purchasing $5-$10 services on Fiverr, it’s hard to get paid what you’re worth. …

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I’d like to start this piece off by saying I had a great time writing restaurant reviews for NewsBreak. I worked with them as a contracted freelance writer for 11 months.

It was a great job to have, and I’d love to work with them again.

Now that their guaranteed…

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Time and time again, new writers hear that they should find a niche to write in and stick with it.

Heck, I did. In response, I wrote 200 restaurants reviews in 10 months for a client and earned tons of money. Niching down really works.

But is it necessary?


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Minimalism used to be trendy, but the trend is on its way out. But for those of us who found minimalism to be a life-changing endeavor, minimalism is still worth advocating for.

I’d like to encourage you to get rid of a few things. You don’t need to get rid…

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As a full-time writer, I end up reading a lot.

Specifically, I read articles from writers both new and old contemplating their status as “real” writers.

Apparently, it’s a touchy topic.

What makes one writer “more real” than another?

Do you have to earn $1,000/month to qualify?

Quit your office job for freelancing?

No. But you need to…

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A long time ago after a breakup, I joined OkCupid to look for a new boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend had found his new girlfriend on OkCupid, so he recommended I try it out.

I’m glad I took his advice. Maybe that’s why we’re such great friends.

I had plenty of conversations…

Screenshot of author’s Medium Partner Program Earnings tab.
Screenshot by author.

I’ll admit, I’ve been luckier than most on Medium. Since I started in July 2020 I’ve made a grand total of $2,456.09.

At the time of writing this article, I have 95 published articles, spread out over sixteen months, averaging nearly 6 articles a month.

Those are rookie numbers.

As someone who calls herself…

Woman in a business suit with her arms crossed, looking upset or disappointed. Small indoor tree in the background.
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Freelancing isn’t always lucrative. Sure, I make 4 figures every month sitting from the comfort of my couch, but I could do a lot better working a normal 9 to 5.

It wouldn’t need to be a swanky job, either.

If you have a bunch of life expenses, freelancing isn’t for you

Let’s be honest here. I’m a recent college graduate, so…

Man standing in front of two glass pyramids. These pyramids form the outside of the Louvre museum in France.
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Recently, my boyfriend and I moved to Maryland from Kentucky. We’re both from the east coast originally, but neither of us is from Maryland.

Anyway, onto the story.

One of my friends brought a gift to our housewarming party. It was a fantastic gift. …

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